House of Esau™

Director - Dr. Scott Miller, M. Counseling, M. Divinity, D. Min

House of Esau™ is a place were men can confidentially allow their pain to be acknowledged, affirmed and expressed, and their souls to be healed from the tragedy of abortion. We offer a non-judgmental environment where men can find the compassion of Christ in a supportive, non-threatening context. During a weekend retreat we create an environment for sharing our stories and presenting our wounds to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing. At the House of Esau™, men can begin walking the road of redemption, reconciliation and restoration. House of Esau™ can help men heal from their "father wound" and the resulting sexual brokenness and pain-managing lifestyle. In this environment, men can heal from the loss of emotional intimacy with their own fathers and reconnect with the intimacy that their heavenly Father wants to provide. You may wish to check out our Publications section for media related information as well as songs and poems about the healing journey. For additional information about House of Esau™ ministries, email us at:

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