The Healing Journey

Set Me Free

Lord, I don't know what to ask for
I don't know what I need
I am at Your mercy
I am waiting for Your lead

You're teaching me to embrace
The pain that's in my past
To know the ugly truth
So I can be free at last

So much of the time,
My impatience's in the way
And You quietly wait until
I've said all I need to say

And when I'm finally open
To let You guide my way
Your reassurance calms me
You say it will be okay

My mind wants so badly
To deny the truth
You've shown
It couldn't have really been that bad
How could I not have known?

But even so the anger flares
And tears are right behind
The deepness of the pain within
No other reason I can find

The evidence is plain to see
But I am still so scared
What else is there left inside?
What more is there to bear?

The most vilest ugly truth
Is still truth that sets you free
Denial keeps me captive
Show me all there is to see!

I am longing for Your peace and calm
In these dark areas of my mind
I'm tired of this heavy load
Set me free to leave it behind

Bambi Bertholet Dec 9, 2003

Praise be to God

Praise be to God
The only One who can enter
Into my life
And bring peace to my soul  

I lift my hands
Because even at death's doorstep
You're there, You're right there
And You speak to me  

You are with me
On the mountaintop
And in the valley of suffering
That produces the pearls
Adorning Your radiant robe
My Lord

Like unelegant swine
Men trample and scoff at
The jewels produced by my pain
But You Lord
You have lifted me up again

So I praise You Lord
As You hide me within
The shadows and folds of your garments
Where no one can find me
In that secret place But You  

And I know You again
In a deeper way
And from the depths within
Springs forth praises
To You my God
Because You have spoken life
Into places that died long ago  

Bambi Bertholet August 26, 2004

My Plea (Let the Healing Begin)

Every step I take, Each and every day
No one seems to mind, It's just a fantasy.
The BABY that's on my mind, I hear his very cry
I can feel his pain, Could his tears ever forgive?
I have swallowed my pride, I've come to realize
The choices of my past, Have come to haunt me.

Now much time has passed, Decisions I regret
Of the things that I've done, This one beats them all.
Nothing I can do, There's no turning back
On my knees today, I pray every day.
Please don't hate me, My sweet little child
Could ask God, To please forgive me!

I kept trying to speak, But you didn't listen to me
I wish I could have lived, To be held in your arms.
I pray we share some day, The life we didn't share on earth
It's good to see the change, Let the healing begin.
Daddy, I'm just alright, Don't you worry about me
Tell the world to please STOP KILLING THEIR KIDS!

Music & Lyrics by:Eric Eckenrode © 2000