Meet the People

Rev. Scott Miller, M. Div, M. Counseling

Out of his own healing journey, the Lord has given Scott a passion for ministering to men and women who have suffered the pain of losing a child through abortion. During his years ministering at Teen Challenge, helping young men out of their alcohol and chemical dependencies, Scott was introduced to many young men whose partners had aborted their children. His search for material to help them deal with the loss and pain was disappointing. Thus he began his own journey to build a ministry to help young men like them. Now, through his academics and personal experiences, Scott has been exposed to many models for healing and is presently developing a model as part of his doctoral thesis. Scott lives in Winnipeg along his wife Janet and daughter Melinda.

Carolyn Loewen

Carolyn has had a fruitful career both in the Salvation Army, obtaining the rank of Captain, and as a medical secretary for twenty years. She is now retired, but continues in the Lord's work. Carolyn has been anointed with the gift of praying for physical healing and for spiritual discernment. She uses her gifts as the Lord directs and administers the Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ as well as prays at the Basic Level Theophostic Healing Prayer. Carolyn lives with her husband Gerry in British Columbia.

Chris Mackay

Chris Mackay

Chris loves working with women. She started peer counselling with the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in 1987 on the 24 hour crisis line. Later she began working at the Centre loving moms who were dealing with their own crisis pregnancies. Today she is coordinating the Infant Loss Department, which includes helping women work through miscarriage, still birth, post-adoption, post-apprehension, and post-abortion. She is married and has 4 fabulous boys. One boy is an angel, Daniel, who died at 14 weeks. He is the passion behind her mission to bring other parents suffering from infant loss to step out from the shadow of devastating loss and come back to life.

Tracey Franklin

Tracey lives in Winnipeg and works in the hospitality industry. She is actively involved in Healing and Listening Prayer as a lifestyle and as a training ministry as well. Tracey plays a key role in Rachel`s Vineyard Retreat weekends. She enjoys cooking, music and sharing both with family and friends.


Gerry Loewen

Since completing his formal education in counseling at Providence Seminary in 1995, Gerry has had an ongoing counseling practice and serves four churches in the greater Winnipeg area. He has developed prayer counseling teams to administer the Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ and works with Advanced Level issues using Theophostic Healing Prayer. He is a member of the International Association of Theophostic Ministers and was one of the founding members of the Manitoba Association of Christian Counselors. Gerry also serves his church as the Associate Pastor of Congregational Life and Care, as well as works in the public sector in management and marketing. Gerry and his wife Carolyn live in British Columbia.