Audio Message: Embracing the Lady called "Brokenness"
by Gerry R. Loewen
Jesus was broken for you. Are you willing to be broken for Him? This is two part sermon in mp3 audio files: Part 1, Part 2

House of Esau brochure (colour pdf, 6.0 MB)
A brochure for the House of Esau for men who are struggling with the pain of having lost a child through abortion.

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat brochure (colour jpg, 1.4 MB)
A brochure from the Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats, offering a beautiful opportunity for healing to any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional or spiritual pain of an abortion.

The Cross of Christ, Trampled and Forgotten by Gerry R. Loewen

The tragedy in our powerless churches today is that the solution is right in front of us, the cross. Not unlike the laity, our Lieutenants of Deception (Pastors, Preachers, Professors) who refuse to embrace the cross themselves are leading us into a Christianity in which we will not be able to stand in the persecution that is sure to come.

This book exposes and explores the depths to which we have fallen from our true power source, Christ and His Cross. Our personal and corporate unwillingness to bear the cost of entering into the deeper life is reflected in a passionless dutiful faith walk throughout Christendom.

The Adventures of Halverson & Hudley by Carolyn Loewen
A delightful story for children about two bunches of grapes who discover their true purpose in life.

Testimony & photo essay: The Way Home 

pdf version (1.1 MB)html version (6 web pages)