Freedom from Anger

During the last number of years, anger had overtaken my life. Anyone, or anything could and would make me angry. This was not only affecting me but others I was involved with. The Lord finally intervened and brought me to the point where I realized I needed help. To get in touch with my timid spirit, trying to remain independent, my negative thoughts and my anger, I had to get in touch with wounds of my past as a young girl in school. I had worked hard never to be hurt again and therefore not letting anyone get close to me. To open this rocky past and acknowledge it was a most difficult task. Through the help from a Theophostic Prayer Minister the Lord walked me through my painful past. The Lord freed me of the lies I believed about myself and only then was I able to forgive others. Like Hagar I finally was able to face going back to my past. This allowed Jesus to uncover my wounds and bathe them in His love and set me free!

- Tina